26th February 2016

UNISON Flatpack

The Flatpackfor UNISON South West branches* who have little time or few Users to update or maintain a website.

This is our brand new package with new features and a whole new way of updating and adding content. Unlike our current websites, the Flatpack comes to you on a WordPress platform, rather than Joomla. This brings our packages bang up to date and in-line with all the major modern websites including our national and regional UNISON websites.  The new Flatpack will cost you just £75.00 per year to include a domain name linked to our Regional hub network.  Users will also have access to our online help forum training tutorials and guides.  Email accounts can be provided upon request – speak to us for more detail.  Your site will also carry a security certificate meaning it’s protected at all times and will feature on all search engines, including Google.

This package allows branches to have a website presence but with minimal effort and adding and editing content on your website is easy.  You can submit new item posts from scratch or just cut and paste.   You decide when and where it is published on your site and away you go.   If you aren’t happy or want to go back to add or delete content you can do that simply by logging back into your website’s dashboard.

We will work with you to determine what content/pages you would like on your website and can set you up in a matter of hours.

For those branches who already have a website package with us currently, who feel they would prefer the Flatpack option, we will discuss your needs and will simply move you across to the new Flatpack option when ready.

Another benefit of the Flatpack option is that your domain name costs are included in the annual fee. You will also get access to all the same training and tutorials included in the cost.

For branches seeking a first time website with us, simply complete the Online Order Form below and we will be in touch.  For branches already using a UNISON package, please contact the Project Team using the contact form on this website and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Click HERE to visit our demo site.

*Prices are for orders from UNISON South West branches. If you are ordering from a different UNISON region we will get back to you with our external branches costs.

UNISON Flatpack - Order Form

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