Activity 8 – Where to from here?


  • To identify practical and realistic priorities and actions for your own personal development that you will take help you and your colleagues improve communications within the branch, with its members, potential members, the wider public and other identified targets
  • To understand and identify further training opportunities available to you to help improve your branch communication skills and increase your branch’s and UNISON’s profiles



  1. Using the template on the following page, draw up a list of priority actions that you intend to do in your own Branch and also consider how you can offer support to other communications officers and network across the region. Consider what further training you would like to pursue.


  1. Decide what will be your highest priority action point and be prepared to report back to the whole group on that. 

Branch Communications Officer’s Action Plan


  1. What have you learnt about your:-


  • strengths?


  • weaknesses?


  1. What do you need to do to further develop your role?


  1. Where and from whom might you get support?


  1. What are your priority actions now


  • Short term – to be done in 4 weeks?
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