Activity 6 – Communications to Support Organising



  • To look at how communications can help address organising issues
  • To make a communication plan to address an organising issue



You will be introduced to the parts of the UNISON website that support branch communications.

Task 1

The tutor will give each table a set of images. In your groups, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each image. You are scrutinising the image, not the campaign itself. Imagine an alien is looking at this image and think about:

  • Could they identify which union was involved?
  • Could they identify the message from this photo?
  • What kind of people would they say were involved in this union?
  • What emotional impact could they draw from the image?

The tutor will lead a discussion afterwards.


Task 2

In groups, choose an issue from your branch. Some examples might be:

  • Branch losing members
  • Lack of young members
  • Lack of diversity amongst activists
  • A generalised low level of activism
  • Issues of Health & Safety in your workplace
  • Upcoming Reorganisation
  • Stress

You will be asked to select one issue and then to think about a realistic organising plan and time-scale.


You will be asked to identify the type of communications needed at each stage of the plan and display these on a flip chart.

Be ready to make a presentation about the your group’s communication plan.

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