Activity 2 – Keeping in Touch


  • To understand the role of Branch Communication Officer  
  • To realise the potential scope of good branch communications 
  • To evaluate pros and cons of different methods of communication 
  • To share best practice in these areas   



In your group consider please discuss the following question:   

What are the communications challenges in your branch?  


After the discussion, spokesperson will feedback the 2 points that the group feels are the most important.   


Task 2  

In mixed experience groups, please discuss:  


  • All the things you currently do to aid communication in the branch 
  • Additional things you could do – including communicating with fragmented workplaces 


Please write each separate task/idea on a separate Post-it note, using marker pensPlease use short phrases where ever possible. 


Task 3  

A volunteer from each group will be asked to bring the Post-It notes up and put them on the paper, reading them out one by one. You are creating a collective Job Description for the Branch Communications Officer.  

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